SIEL has a passion for building better organizations through people. We offer a thoughtfully curated
selection of industry-recognized employee development assessments and selection tests, each
meticulously designed to unlock your potential. Our consultative guidance offers a roadmap to
identifying top candidates, developing untapped talent, and enhancing individual and organizational
performance. From fostering teamwork and improving communication to resolving conflicts, nurturing
leaders, managing stress, and planning for the future, SIEL is your partner in achieving organizational

Our current catalogue of assessments include:

D.I.S.C. Assessment:
Uncover the intricacies of your personality and leadership prowess through our D.I.S.C. assessment. This
transformative tool delves into the core of your character, unraveling dominant behavioral traits,
refining your communication style, and unveiling your interpersonal preferences. Whether your aim is to
fortify team dynamics, elevate leadership finesse, or enrich personal connections, the D.I.S.C.
assessment yields indispensable insights.
Pricing: $175

Debrief Session:
Walk through the outcomes of your reports with an expert in the field. You will have the chance to
discuss outcomes of your assessment, ask questions and discuss developmental opportunities.
Pricing: $150 per hour

Build Stronger Teams:
Gain insights into how your leadership approach influences team dynamics, empowering you to create
stronger, more cohesive teams that thrive under your guidance.

Career Interest Profiler (Discover Your Ideal Path):
· Find your perfect career fit with the Career Interest Profiler.
· Uncover the top 20-40 careers tailored to your unique interests.
· Explore a wide range of vocational and professional options.
· Your career journey starts here!
Pricing: $215

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (Unlock Conflict Resolution Superpowers):
· Conflict doesn’t have to be a roadblock; it can be a stepping stone.
· The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument reveals your unique conflict-handling modes.
· Understand how to navigate conflicts constructively and appreciate diverse conflict styles.
· Empower your team to work together harmoniously.
Pricing: $155

Work Personality Index® (The Power of Personality at Work):
· Your personality is your superpower at the workplace.
· The Work Personality Index identifies key motivators and behaviors for success.
· Make informed hiring decisions, develop your employees, and support great leaders.
· Tailor the right people to the right roles and boost performance.
Pricing: $155

Work Engagement Profile (Fueling Employee Engagement):
· Employee engagement isn’t just about rewards; it’s about a positive emotional charge.
· The Work Engagement Profile focuses on intrinsic rewards that drive engagement.
· Get to the heart of your employees’ feelings about their work.
· Boost your organization’s bottom line with engaged and motivated teams.
Pricing: $155

Career Values Scale (Unlock Career Satisfaction):
· In the pursuit of a fulfilling career, aligning your values is the key.
· Discover what truly matters in your work and career.
· Customize your career path based on your core values.
· Explore the three critical factors: Working with Others, Self-Expression, and Extrinsic Rewards.
Pricing: $155

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