Your Trusted HR Business Partner

  • SIEL is a boutique firm, with multiple HR specialties under one roof, enabling truly customized HR solutions for our clients.
  • We have a team of HR experts, who partner with our clients on strategic HR solutions, ranging from Recruitment, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Total Rewards, HR Systems, and Payroll.
  • Our customized approach achieves your HR goals in a timely and cost-effective way.


SIEL understands that finding and retaining the best employees is essential to your organization, and that the costs of attrition, hiring, and training are high. SIEL will help you find and retain top talent via:

  • Candidate Sourcing and Interviewing

  • Job Description Development, Posting and Recruiting Services

  • Temporary and Contract Services

  • Reference, Criminal and Background Checks

  • Employee Referral programs

  • New Employee Onboarding

  • Relocation Services

Leadership Development, Talent Management, and HR Systems:

SIEL understands that managing your talent and future leaders, via the evaluation and implementation of cost-effective solutions, allows your organization to manage change and grow. SIEL can help you via:

  • Organizational Structure and Design

  • Training and Development Programs

  • Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders, Managers, and Executives

  • Management of HR Issues, incl. Discipline, Conflict Resolution

  • Development of Policy and Procedures, as well as Corporate Policy Manuals/Handbooks

  • Investigation, incl. Harassment, Ethics Complaints

  • Performance Management

  • Career Development Plans

  • Engagement Strategies and Action Planning

  • HR System Integration

Total Rewards, and Payroll:

SIEL understands that your people need to be compensated fairly, paid accurately and on-time, and have access to group benefit plans. SIEL can help you via:

  • Compensation Planning and Incentive Design

  • Full Scope Payroll Services

  • Pension Analysis and Administration

  • Group Benefit Analysis and Administration, incl. Health and Retirement

  • Wellness Program Development

  • Time and Attendance Management

  • Disability Benefits Management

…and more!

SIEL understands that sometimes you just need a helping hand – someone who excels as administration, who will get the job done. SIEL can help you via:

  • Customer Service Administration

  • Thank You/Holiday Card Execution (Staff, Clients, Leads)

  • Bookkeeping, Invoice Management

  • Online Research; Corporate Websites, Industry News, New Products, and Vetting of Potential Employees/Business Partners

  • Database Administration and Management

  • Creating PowerPoint Presentations

  • Managing Email, Calendars, Travel Arrangements

  • General Administrative Tasks

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